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Clydesdale Support Base

Traditionally Clydesdale Support Base supported young people from the Clydesdale locality. Our model has recently been reviewed and now pupils are allocated based on needs, on a part time or a full time basis.


Pupil Allocation


10 full time pupils and 4 part time pupils.

 Subjects Offered


National Qualifications NPA  NPA Wider Achievement
Maths / Applications of Maths Photography Exploring/ Improving HWB
English Horticulture Employability
Hospitality Games Design JASS
History   John Muir
Modern Studies   Eco-school
Physics   DofE (Duke of Edinburgh)
Practical Electronics   Barista

Our young people have further learning opportunities across the KEAR Campus provision and experience success in subjects off-site such as PE, Cosmetology and Barbering.

We also work closely with our YFCL colleagues to ensure our young people can engage in programs tailored to their personal interests and strengths such as Graffiti Art, Radworx. These opportunities facilitate them in developing personal skills whilst also meeting the challenges required to achieve YASS and DYA awards.